Garage Door Repair Downey, CA ? It is that time of year again! With spring here, an annual deep cleaning session is not far behind. People tend to work on their garages last, which is ironic. The garage is the most cluttered part of a home – start on it first! Get the hardest part out of the way. It will make cleaning the rest of your house and your yard a breeze!

Step 1: Prep

First thing’s first – get your mise en place in order! Gather all your supplies. You’ll need several large boxes, packing tape, and heavy duty garbage bags. Keep some gloves, dust mask, and cleaning products nearby as well.  Label some boxes for storage and others for a garage sale. Cleaning out your garage can turn a pretty profit! If you don’t want to have a garage sale necessarily, consider donating these things to a local thrift store or rescue mission. Whatever you do, refrain from simply reorganizing existing clutter. Let go of things you no longer need.

Step 2: Labeling

Start by labeling boxes of things that can be grouped together, such as tools, Christmas decorations, sports gear, etc. A lot of people don’t use lots of things in their garage because they simply forget what they have stored in those old boxes and storage bins. Take time to properly organize and label the miscellaneous items you have stored away. It will make finding things and using the things you need and singling out the things you don’t need much simpler.

Step 3: Deep Clean

This is a task that should be kept up with throughout the year, but once annually a good deep cleaning is in order for your garage. After you have organized and labeled everything, put on a dust mask (as the garage has accumulated lots of that by now). Scrub down all surfaces, sweep, and even mop if you are able. You will get dirty. Once all the general cleaning and organizing is done, it will be a lot easier to keep up with cleaning once this job is done.

Lastly: Maintain Your Clean

Once your heavy duty cleaning session is over, plan on doing 3-4 mini cleaning sessions throughout the year. Do this to maintain cleanliness. Even if it only ends up being once every six months, that is better than never. A cluttered or dirty garage can lead to rodents, bugs, and can make fixing an existing issue in your garage impossible.

Got any other garage door issues you need serviced? Give us a call! We can help you, dirty garage and all.